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Meet the Producer

Meet the producers, growers and makers responsible for the best food Devon has to offer

Shute Fruit and Produce

If you can’t grow you own, pick your own. Taste Buds magazine talks to Lori Reich from Shute Fruit and Produce

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Otter Farm, Devon

Otter Farm

Stacey Sheppard finds out how one man in Devon is taking advantage of the rising temperatures in the UK to grow foods that are normally imported

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Taverners Farm

Treat yourself to that summer favourite, ice cream from Taverners

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South Devon Chilli Farm

The unique appeal of South Devon Chilli Farm has created a tourist attraction as well as a successful business. Taste Buds magazine finds out how

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Riverford Farm

Riverford Farm is a key part of Devon's organic food scene. Vitha Shepard tells Taste Buds magazine about its growing success

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Old Walls Vineyard

As Devon becomes an increasingly popular wine region Taste Buds talks to Old Walls Vineyard in Bishopsteignton to see what makes its wine so special

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