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The Riverford Field Kitchen

At Riverford Field Kitchen organic veg is the star of every plate. Expect a feast of freshly picked seasonal produce, with meat and fish options to boot

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    Meet the Producer

    Riverford Farm

    Riverford Farm is a key part of Devon's organic food scene. Vitha Shepard tells Taste Buds magazine about its growing success

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    Guy Watson and Geetie Singh

    Taste Buds talks to Geetie Singh, co-owner of Riverford Field Kitchen, about their veggie adventures

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    The Riverford Field Kitchen

    Jennie and Jeff Cooper experience something of a veggie adventure at Riverford’s popular restaurant near Buckfastleigh

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    The Riverford Field Kitchen
    Wash Farm
    Devon TQ11 0JU

    01803 762074

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