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Victoria Jam from Waterhouse Fayre

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Waterhouse Fayre – Jam

Waterhouse Fayre in Burlescombe is an award-winning maker of jams, preserves and chutneys

Waterhouse Fayre’s full selection of jams, preserves and chutneys is available to buy on its website

Strawberry, Whortleberry and Victoria Plum Jam won Gold, and Apricot Jam received Silver, in the Taste of the West Awards 2021, with Blackcurrant & Cassis Jam winning Gold in the 2020 awards.


Blackcurrant and cassis from Waterhouse Fayre

Blackcurrant & Cassis

With 42g/100g fruit, this blackcurrant flavour is made to Waterhouse Fayre’s secret recipe. A very generous measure of Cassis gives this already amazing jam another dimension!

Buy Blackcurrant and Cassis Jam from the Waterhouse Fayre website

Strawberry and Rhubarb Jam with Elderflower from Waterhouse Fayre

Strawberry & Rhubarb with Elderflower Jam

A slightly less sweet alternative to the Strawberry version, this has 66g/100g fruit. The rhubarb adds a sharpness and the hint of elderflower makes this jam quite special.

Buy Strawberry and Rhubarb Jam from the Waterhouse Fayre website

Victoria Plum Jam from Waterhouse Fayre

Victoria Plum Jam

If you love plums, this is the jam for you with 68g/100g fruit. Made with English Victoria plums grown in Somerset, this jam has a wonderful pink hue and contains plum pieces.

Buy Victoria Plum jam from the Waterhouse Fayre website

Apricot Jam from Waterhouse Fayre

Apricot Jam

The beautiful deep orange colour of this jam will brighten up your breakfast! It’s made with 57g/100g fruit which ensures a rich, apricot flavour.

Buy Apricot Jam from the Waterhouse Fayre website

Whortleberry Jam from Waterhouse Fayre

Whortleberry Jam

Another bursting-with-fruit jam, this whortleberry has an impressive 64g/100g fruit. Whortleberry is the West Country name for wild blueberries found growing on Dartmoor, Exmoor and the Quantocks.

Buy Whortleberry Jam from the Waterhouse Fayre website

Strawberry Jam from Waterhouse Fayre

Strawberry Jam

This jam is packed with 65g/100g fruit. A double gold award-winner, it has the most amazing flavour and is the traditional choice to eat with a cream tea.

Buy Strawberry Jam from the Waterhouse Fayre website

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