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Gaia Giving

These speciality coffees are available from Gaia Giving in Paignton, a coffee shop and hub dedicated to enhancing the well-being of the local community.

Gaia's Helping Hand. Coffee beans from Gaia Giving

Gaia’s Helping Hand

Gaia’s distinctive signature blend is crafted to produce a satisfying and well-rounded coffee taste. Sourced from Columbia and Guatemala, this Arabica blend undergoes a meticulous washed process, preserving its natural characteristics. With an omni-roast approach, the subtle acidic notes shine in filter coffee, while the espresso brings out a depth of flavour and sweetness. Lovingly shade-grown, the beans offer a delightful combination of chocolate and citrus fruit notes, providing an exceptional and indulgent coffee flavour. £10.50/250g.

Buy Gaia's Helping Hand from Gaia Givings online shop

Fazenda Paraiso coffee beans

Fazenda Paraiso

Indulge in Fazenda Paraiso, a Brazilian single-origin coffee with rich and captivating flavours of chocolate, caramel, marshmallow and nougat. Guided by agronomist Guy Carvalho’s commitment to quality and sustainability, the farm thrives in an idyllic setting with ideal coffee-growing conditions. Meticulous farming methods, along with a real passion for coffee, help to create its wonderful flavours and aromas. £10.50/250g.

Buy Fazenda Paraiso coffee from gaiagiving.com

Donnas Do Cafe. Coffee from Gaia Giving

Donnas Do Cafe

This Brazilian single-origin coffee celebrates three inspiring women farmers, and showcases rich-tasting notes of butterscotch, toffee and biscuit. By sourcing Donnas Do Cafe from these talented farmers through the Women of Coffee initiative, Gaia Coffee proudly supports their success and the growth of women’s representation in the coffee industry. Buy this speciality blend and you will be helping to celebrate the progress and empowerment of women in coffee cultivation. £12.00/250g.

Donnas Do Cage is available to buy direct from Gaia Giving

Coffee Minus the Anxiety

Coffee Minus the Anxiety

Gaia’s signature decaffeinated blend is carefully crafted to provide a beautiful coffee without any increase in anxiety. This Brazilian decaf features a harmonious blend of Arabica varietals, offering luscious notes of chocolate and nuttiness that exemplify the richness of Brazilian coffees. Through the Swiss Water decaffeination process, this coffee retains its full flavour profile, ensuring a worry-free and satisfying coffee experience. £10.50/250g.

Buy Coffee Minus the Anxiety from the Gaia Giving website

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