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A selection of cheese from Sharpham: Sharpham Brie, Ticklemore, Sharpham Rustic and Sharpham Rustic Chive and Garlic

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Cheeses from Sharpham Dairy

This selection of cheeses from the award-winning Sharpham Dairy is perfect for a cheeseboard or to use in recipes

Sharpham Brie

Sharpham Brie

Created by hand, this cheese is made rich and sweet by using milk from Jersey cows.

A buttercup-yellow, mould-ripened cheese, it is firm and creamy when young, and softens with mushroomy notes and a chicory finish with age.

Beautiful when baked, it is pivotal to a good cheeseboard and partners perfectly with a soft and fruity red wine.

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Ticklemore by Sharpham Cheese


This cheese is crumbly and delicate with subtle herbaceous hints.

Goat’s milk sourced from three Devon farms gives the cheese its stark white colour, firm flinty texture and a mellow, complex flavour with hints of lemon and herbs.

Melt it in recipes, crumble into a salad, or enjoy on its own, or with fresh figs.

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Sharpham Rustic

Sharpham Rustic

This semi-hard cheese has a refreshing tang and is handmade with milk from Jersey cows.

Sharpham Rustic is crumbly and golden with a delicate citrus flavour, and pairs well with oatcakes and a sweet chutney.

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Sharpham Rustic Chive and Garlic

Rustic Chive & Garlic

A fresh, rich and crumbly semi-soft cheese made savoury with chives and garlic.

Using milk from Jersey cows, the richness of this cheese complements the savoury herbs. Add it to your cheeseboard, or use as a melted topping for bread, pasta or meats. Enjoy with a cider.

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