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Award-winning Westaways is the first UK meat producer to use eco-friendly packing for its sausages 

Westaway Sausages. New eco packaging

Westaways has become the first meat producer in the UK to use eco-friendly packaging – simply stash it in your compost heap. “If you walk down a meat or dairy aisle in a supermarket, you will see that just about every product is wrapped in plastic,” says the owner of this Devon-based sausage-maker, Charles Baughan. “As a company that cares about the environment, we asked ourselves why that should be?”

He continues: “Although it has taken a lot of investment and patience, we now have the answer.

“Products like sausages do not have to be entombed in plastic – there are alternatives and from now on, our range will be sold in eco-friendly cartons and wrappings that disintegrate naturally in a compost heap.”“We are proud to announce this UK first - and proud that it has taken a relatively small Devon company to lead the way,” Charles adds.

For 18 months, Westaways sausages has been packed in trays made with Forestry Stewardship Certified cardboard, which is recyclable or compostable, and already more than a million packs have been sold. The addition of a bioplastic cling-film style wrapping has allowed Westaways to make this 100% eco-friendly claim.“Bioplastics are defined by European Bioplastics as being either biodegradable or made from a plant base,” explains Charles. “In a compost heap it will fully disintegrate within six months and fully biodegrade within a further six months without leaving any microplastic traces – I know that because I’ve been trialling it in my own garden.”Westaways has invested in machinery that has been designed to incorporate the new film wrap. 

“This new wonder material will change our industry,” comments Mr Baughan. “It is strong, highly stretchable, glossy and, best of all, compostable. The example we have set changes the way we do things in the food industry and other companies should follow our lead, which would result in the environment being freed of thousands of tons of plastic.” 

Westaways are available across the South West and beyond in Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and the Co-op.

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