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Christmas Recipes

From traditional Christmas recipes to something a little different, our collection will keep you, your family and friends full of festive cheer!

At some point over Christmas, we will don our pinnies to cook up some delicious festive dishes. Whether we're cooking the roast, or filling up our cupboards with mince pies and other goodies, enjoy the range of food from our Christmas recipe collection, featuring simple, seasonal dishes that are high in the flavour stakes and and must-try for any festive celebration. 

Mini Christmas-flavoured cakes with brandy & ginger icing recipe

Mini Christmas-flavoured cakes with brandy & ginger icing

Take a break from the mince pies with these festive cakes

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Luxury mincemeat filling

Get ahead of the festive frenzy by jarring up your pie filling in advance

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Christmas-flavoured millefeuille

This festive millefeuille takes the concept of the mince pie to another level

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Christmas filled drop biscuits

These flavoursome biscuits are the ideal party treat

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Bells & Drums

This zingy 'mocktail' is full of festive cheer

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Santa's Sling

The Sling is a basic form of mixed drink. The name comes from the old German verb schlingen, which means to swallow quickly

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Christmas Cobbler

The Cobbler was one of the most popular drinks during the 1800s. It is based on a spirit of any kind, wine, liqueur and fruit

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