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Apple on chopping board

Apple Recipes

A staple fruit grown in Devon, the humble apple is so versatile. Our apple recipes show you just how many ways they can be used in both sweet and savour

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Asparagus on griddle pan

Asparagus Recipes

To make the most of this vegetable's notoriously short growing season, be inspired by our collection of asparagus recipes.

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Aubergine Recipes

This robust vegetable can be served as the main part of your dish, or as a side. Our aubergine recipes show you how to make the most of its flavour.

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Blackberry cheesecake

Blackberry Recipes

Our hedgerows are full of this luscious autumn fruit, so why not turn your harvest into something delicious with our selection of blackberry recipes

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Christmas mincemeat in Kilner jar

Christmas Recipes

From traditional Christmas recipes to something a little different, our collection will keep you, your family and friends full of festive cheer!

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Crab risotto

Crab Recipes

Enjoy our local seafood with this selection of crab recipes

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Devon Scone

Devon Scone Recipes

Looking to make the perfect teatime treat? Take a look at our Devon scone recipes for some inspiration.

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Figs on chopping board

Fig Recipes

Our fig recipes fuse sweet and savoury - perfect for impressing your guests at a dinner party!

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Rhubarb with panna cotta

Rhubarb Recipes

Enjoy our rhubarb recipes, which pair this tart fruit with creamy and sweet flavours

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Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato Recipes

Our sweet potato recipes show you how create delicious dishes by pairing the vegetable with other ingredients

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