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Devon Gin

Some Cridford Inn locals give their verdict on four Devon gins served at the pub

Wicked Wolf Gin, Thunderflower Gin, Papillion Gin and Exeter Gin

Thunderflower Gin

This has a pleasant aroma and an unusual, peppery flavour, which I liked very much. It was nice to try a spice-based gin, rather than the more common herbal-based. It tasted better with tonic, and I think it would go well in cocktails.

Jane Brooks

Thunderflower has a heady spice aroma that delivers a punch, while its taste has a slightly sweet undertone. I think it would be great served as an aperitif or in a cocktail, such as a Negroni.

Lex Turnham

Papillon Gin

Main botanicals – Gorse / Hawthorn / Roman Berry / Camomile / Devon Violet

A soft aroma with no harsh vapours, which has an equally soft, floral flavour. Due to the gentle and mellow flavours, I would never add a complex tonic – Indian tonic only should be used.

Jane Brooks

I would drink this over ice on a hot day as an after-dinner drink, although I preferred it with tonic.

Liz Bartlett

Papillon Gin’s floral aroma reminded me of a lazy afternoon stroll in a meadow. Lively on the palate, it has earthy undertones and a background note of Devon violets. I could happily enjoy this with a delicately spiced, meaty fish dish, such as Monkfish Kashmiri curry or even a creamy korma.

Lex Turnham

Wicked Wolf

A soft, yet spicy aroma, with a predominant coriander taste, this would go very well with salty, spicy food – such as samosas, strong-flavoured crisps, or spicy, chilli nuts – a favourite of mine.

Jane Brooks

Wicked Wolf has always been a favourite. The smell reminds me of long summer evenings, and the addition of tonic makes it smooth and refreshing.

Liz Bartlett

Wicked Wolf delivers a familiar aroma – citrus notes and underlying spice from the coriander and cardamon. As a fan of coriander, Wicked Wolf is certainly a palate-pleaser for me, with a pleasant citrus aftertaste. Go bold and pair it with a tongue-tingling Thai curry – green, or even a jungle curry if you’re brave enough!

Lex Turnham

Exeter Gin

The citrus aroma came through first, and then I found the tarragon. For a herbal gin, the botanicals blended well and were quite subtle. I enjoyed it, particularly when tonic was added.

Jane Brooks

Exeter Gin has a clean, fresh fragrance. The basil notes are enticing but not overpowering, so I think this should be drunk with a delicately flavoured tonic. This is my preferred gin out of the four – smooth, aromatic and well balanced. This gin deserves to be savoured. I would enjoy this as an aperitif or with a light meal. A handful of nuts would probably make me drink more of it!

Lex Turnham

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